What is the most popular online slot machine for Swiss players?

What is the most popular online slot machine for Swiss players?

Playing on a slot machine is an excellent way to have fun and try to win some very interesting jackpots. For this reason, online casino online casino malaysia slots are particularly popular with a large community of Swiss players. What is the most played slot machine in the land of chocolate? How can you explain its popularity? With this article we try to take stock and answer the question of the title.

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Slot machines: games authorized in Switzerland since 1993

The first slot machine was created in 1898 by Charles August Fey, a mechanic from San Francisco. Very quickly, slot machines took hold in the United States, becoming ubiquitous. A few years later, the famous roller game was exported to Europe, where it had immediate success in England and France. At that point it became necessary to create bodies dedicated to the regulation of these games, which allowed all players to try their luck in total legality.

If slot machines became popular in every European country, it took until 1993 to legally enjoy these games on Swiss soil, when the long-awaited authorization was finally granted by Swiss casinos. The LGD, the federal gambling law, governs the 21 establishments that are licensed to offer games of chance.

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The first legal online slot machine in Switzerland

January 1, 2019 was another important date for gambling enthusiasts: a new Swiss law came into effect which authorized some online casinos http://new1b.com/ to offer digital versions of slot machines, table games and more. Today, the strict regulatory framework requires obtaining a license from the CFCG (Federal Gaming Commission). Of course,we have this authorization and guarantees every player an optimal experience thanks to its exclusive services.

The success of this slot machine in Switzerland can be justified by some features:

  • The simplicity and accessibility guaranteed by the slot machine
  • Modern graphics associated with lucky 7s, bars and fruity symbols

Furthermore, the red color of the cherries and the 7 placed on the 3 reels of Cherry Trio immediately make one think of the flag of our dear country. This subtlety linked to the graphic choices of this slot machine thus strengthens the interest of Swiss players. Based on numerous player reviews, Cherry Trio is arguably the most popular evolved version of another equally popular slot machine in the land of chocolate: Super Cherry. Want to know more about the Cherry Trio slot machine? Don’t waste time bouncing through the results of your search engine: this slot machine is available at our online casino! Feel free to try the demo machine before trying your luck with real bets!

Starbust, a benchmark in the field of online slot machines

Starbust is another slot machine that is particularly popular with Swiss players. Licensed by Netent, this game features 5 reels and 3 rows for 10 pay lines. The famous 7s and bars are also present, but the fruity symbols are replaced by emeralds with shimmering colors. The maximum payout of this slot machine is 50,000 credits.It goes without saying that such a jackpot can change your life!

What do they say about land-based casino games?

The best slot machines offered at Swiss land-based casinos are significantly different. Furthermore, there are two other surprising characteristics that affect its popularity: the difference between the French and Swiss-German area.

In the French-speaking regions

Many French-speaking Swiss are true fans of the Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machine (physical version). This game features mystical symbols as well as card game figures. This slot machine includes 5 reels and 3 lines (minimum bet of CHF 0.20 up to 20 pieces). Again, the simplicity of Lucky Lady’s Charm seems to meet the needs of Swiss players.

In the German-speaking regions

The Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machine is much less popular with German-speaking Swiss players. These are instead more oriented towards more classic games, including the famous Super Cherry slot machine! Again, the simplicity as well as the dominant red color of this game seem to appeal to fans living in German-speaking regions.

In addition, the physical Book of Ra slot machine is also a notable success in Swiss land-based casinos. With rules and mechanics similar to the Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machine, this game represents a darker and more mystical Egyptian universe.

In conclusion

Since 2019, classic and ‘fruity’ slot machines have been the favorite of many Swiss players, a fact also highlighted by the unquestionable success of the Cherry Trio slot. When it comes to land-based casinos, the German-speaking and French-speaking regions show that they have different preferences, choosing Super Cherry and Lucky Lady’s Charm respectively.